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The Life Story Of C R Lord

C R Lord, Minister And Author

The book above is my most recent endeavor. It is 87 pages covering my life from birth through the present. It was created primarily as a legacy for my children and grandchildren and shows God's power to forgive. There is plenty there that many people can identify with from parental abandonment, military life, the drug culture and my part in that, attempted suicide, prison, salvation, and a loving family God gave us and how wonderful that has been.

I wear many hats from minister and author to husband, father, grandfather, website builder, content creator, and some I've probably forgotten. I have written and published nine books and plenty of teachings that I have done in text, text with images and video and audio. I also create content using God's gifts entrusted to me of poetry, design and art.

I am 81 years young and believe that my life has taught me many lessons that are valuable. I am sharing my life through my writing, social media, video and audio presentations in the hope that everyone who reads or listens to my presentations will find something they will identify with and will bless them and help them on the road of life.

C R Lord June 10, 2023


Should We Be  Boasting?

Should We Be Boasting?

16 Pages - A Presentation challenging our pride and arrogance while giving credit where credit is due. Considering who alone is worthy of our praise is not desirable: for most of humanity at least.

Should we seek the approval of men?

The Christian Prayer Life

The Christian Prayer Life

15 Pages - I believe that every honest person on the planet who is a Christian will confess that their prayer life hardly exceeds their expectations. This short booklet calls us to go up higher.

No man is greater than his prayer life.

Catholic Doctrine

Catholic Doctrine

14 Pages - This book is an examination of how Catholic teaching lines up with the King James Version of the scripture. The differences stem from who has the authority; Scripture or Catholic leader.

We must be right before we face God.

The Great Physician Heals
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