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Life Issues

The Bible teaches that there are many voices in the world, and that none of them is without signification - 1 Corinthians 14:10 KJV. We are bombarded with information and we have to decide what we will do with it. Much of this information leaves us questioning and without answers in spite of the vast technology available to us with the internet and a multiplicity of other sources. Some answers require understanding that goes beyond mere human capability to grasp apart from the intervention of someone higher in authority and/or understanding up to and including what people refer to as God. The Bible teaches that such understanding can only come through divine revelation. Finite beings (humans) cannot grasp infinite concepts apart from the guidance and direction of an infinite being which, in this case, would be God. For this author and minister that being is the God of the Bible and nobody or anything else.

Using the Bible as the final authority on all matters that pertain to life, I will be discussing issues we face in life that I've encountered through my 81+ years of life here. In order for this to be done right I will quote scriptures pertaining to the issues I feel are the most important to me and should be to everyone else on earth at some time or the other. Among the issues I have already covered on this site are God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Christian Living, Unbelievers Of Various Sorts, and Bible Doctrine or what the Bible teaches on these and other subjects. I am starting from the knowledge (not a mere premise) but genuine knowledge gained from many years of experience and study which of necessity must begin and end with a relationship with the God that I believe creates and sustains all life by his omnipotence (absolute power), omniscience (absolute knowledge) and omnipresence (God's absolute presence everywhere).

Over the course of time available to me I will be discussing the beginning of life the creation of the earth, the source of man's existence, the fall of man and the family structure as God established it in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. I feel this must be the beginning of the life issues study since they are the foundation of everything else to come. The first verse of Genesis would be a great place to start, and it states: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." To break the verse down : In the beginning of what? Because I have studied over 50 years in the Bible I know that God is the only uncreated being and existed before everyone and everything. So that means he is eternal and eternity has no beginning or end so we must believe the word beginning means in the beginning of time. The next word in this verse is God. Who is he? Where did he come from? The Hebrew word for God here is Elohim. Elohim denotes plurality so that God is at least two equal personages. Christianity adds a third in the doctrine of the Godhead (the word Trinity is found nowhere in scripture) but the word Godhead is and that Godhead is composed of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit or three in one which is a trinity even thought that word is found nowhere in scripture. So a Trinity can be implied when considering the members of the Godhead. That concept is thoroughly explained on the site page - Trinity Or Godhead. The next word in the verse is created which is self explanatory and needs no comment. Two words "the heaven" are next. Many people believe it says heavens, but that is an easy mistake to make. The heaven spoken of in this verse is the one we can see above us and we call the sky. The earth is the very ground we stand on and needs no further explanation.

The argument used to counter the creation narrative is called Evolution. I will discuss and refute that on other pages. Evolution teaches that the universe is billions of years old and they use figures that, to me, are fabricated out of thin air. They refuse to acknowledge that the word day in the Hebrew language is "yom," which is a 24 hour day that we observe every day of our lives. This idea will be more thoroughly covered on the pages I have created and will add to this site as time permits. There is no compatability between evolution and the biblical creation account in spite of the attempt by some to create what is believe to be theological evolution - a serious error!

Other subjets that I will discuss will be abortion from the view point of scripture and how God will forgive those who partake in this barbaric practice, aging why we exist, love compared to lust, the separation of church and state, atheism, bigotry, semantics (word twisting) is it okay to lie and much more that pertains to our everyday existence.

Why would I want to do this? The antidote to ignorance is education from a mind qualified to dispel ignorance in every venue of life on as many occasions as possible. I believe that my 81+ years of existence on earth qualify me both through study and experience to offer valuable instruction and guidance to those who hunger for truth and will accept truth even if it is in opposition to what they have held to be true for a long time. I am convinced that those who love truth will always be willing to consider everything that they encounter in life intelligently without rushsing to a bad judgment or conclusion but carefully thinking through things; especially the most important ones.

With that in mind I want to establish my rationale and purpose for creating this site. I live to bring honor and glory to the God who has delivered me from sin, death and eternal damnation. Because of this my discussions and conclusions will be based on his word, the Bible. As much as I can I will establish my beliefs from the Bible, and in particcular the King James Version which I have depended on for over 50 years. I am not a fan of most of the modern versions although I have used them in reference sparingly. The King James has stood the test of time as long as I've been alive and much longer. It has been established and respected since 1611 AD. I prefer it over every other version because the words are very direct and non compromising on what God expects from his creation. People excuse themselves frorm using it for a variety of reasons; mostly insignificant, but I will use it as my source and have since my salvation on February 19, 1974. I pray according to what I believe to be the promises of God to me personally and have seen many, many specific answers to prayer that God alone knew I prayed. I have graciously been given power at times for preaching, teaching, counseling, casting out demons, praying for people who have received instant healing including my oldest son and boldness to speak God's word without compromise or fear of any kind. My purpose in creating this site beyond glorifying God is that men may come to know this wonderful heavenly Father, his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit intimately and realize they should be trusted, honored and obeyed in every facet of our lives. As the old hymn says; "Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but the trust and obey."

I WELCOME ANY AND ALL COMMUNICATION CONCERNING THIS SITE THAT IS RESPECTFUL AND COMES THROUGH MY CONTACT PAGE. I will not countenance any rude, filthy language, denigration or any other type of conversation or activity that is inconsiderate. Everyone is welcome to challenge or agree as you will. My desire is that my visitors profit from what is presented here and that they will be able to affirm that they gained something of value to them and hopefully something that will draw them closer to God.