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The Life Story Of C R Lord

The Life Story Of C R Lord

This is an amazing story with many twists and turns that many people might easily identify with. The story has no beginning because the first eight years are lost to memory.

My father was an absentee for the most part while still managing to create six of us with my mom who virtually raised all of us plus a stepsister all by herself worked as a cook. She rarely ever had anything to be happy about, but she was what I would call a pioneer woman, tough through many life's trials that might have caused others to give up .

When I was eight years of age my father decided he didn't want me or my older brother, who was crippled, and took us from Pennsylvania to Michigan without telling our mother. I can't imagine what she must have went through not knowing where her children were. My father took us to a house and left us with people who didn't want us and left. He never returned. There we were; one 8 year old and one 9 year old boy abandoned far from home by our father.


The Continuing Story

My mother was able to somehow contact the family we were left with and get my brother back home. Before that happened I was given to a couple who wanted a son and taken to another place to live. I took my mother a year to find out where I was. Somehow she was able to find me and the people I was with drove me from their home in Michigan to return me to my mother and siblings. I am certain they were very sad about that, but they did it anyway, and I have prayed for them many times since.

The rest of my story is like a move that's not fit for children in some parts because of sexual licentiousness, but I don't put that in the book. I am not proud of my blind submission to lust. Apart from that the following things were part of my life before I came to know Jesus as my Savior and Lord. I will mention them below in the order they happened.

  1. At the age of 11 my mother was forced to put three of us in an orphanage. This experience was good and bad because oi some incidents that happened there, but I met my first girlfriend there. Her name was Beverly just like my wife but not the same person.
  2. At the age of 16 we got out of the orphanage when my mom remarried. That marriage ended in violence and a divorce. The new husband was a drinker without self-control and the police took him away ending the relationship but leaving a stepsister for us.
  3. At the age of 17 I graduated high school and entered the Air Force. I was underage, and needed permission in writing to get in. That led to 12 years of drinking, partying and a lot of foolish nonsense, but I also learned discipline.
  4. Eight years later I was honorably discharged, came home with good intentions to help my mom, but ended up in the drug culture as a user and then as a dealer for 6 years. Drinking, drugs sex and partying became my life. Eventually I ended up in prison.
  5. Prison was the best thing that happened to prior to my salvation, although I didn't understand it t the time. I was frightened when the judge was reading off what I had done and then instead of 15 years in prison for drug possession I was given mercy and an eighteen day misdemeanor sentence because I had no previous record and cooperated with the police during my arrest.
  6. Coincidently a large ministry came into town just before I got released, and they were all hippies just like me. They were called Jesus Freaks then and it was February 1974 when I got in touch with them. The rest of the story is in the story of my life written and published 3/9/2023.

This story covers so much. Some who were abandoned by either or both parents will relate, people might relate to my suicide attempt, broken homes, orphanage life away from my mom who couldn't come and visit very much, heavy drinking, the drug culture, cursing the Lord every day, many times a day, hatred for my father and a desire for vengeance, military life and discipline, prison, and so much more. A lifetime packed into this book showing the stark difference between a life of sin and a life of service to Jesus who delivered me from ignorance, pride and so much more.

Perhaps you know someone who is dealing with drug problems, alcoholism, divorce, abandonment and the other issues in this book and you can give them a copy to help them through their issues and out the other side. Pray that God would use the book to deliver those you love from the things that hold them back and cripple them in their life. I pray that will be the case and asked the Lord to use the book so that others may find the wonderful peace that only salvation through Jesus can give.

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God bless and keep you and bring you his wonderful love and peace both now and forever.