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All Creations In The Art Shop Are C R Lord recently created AI Generated Originals

As you can see, the image to the right has a watermark on it when it is advertised for sale. This is to protect the authors work and not a refletion on anyone who comes here. I believe it also lends more credibility to the origin of the work itself.

This creation, once purchased can be used on websites, blogs, advertising, podcasts, a canvas print, a wall hanging, and can be used as a framed print among other uses. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Disclaimer: Every image on this website is the original creation of C R Lord. Any likeness to any person or other work is coincidental and unintended. Please address me personally concerning any creation that you might allege to be a copy of your property. If it proves to be such for any reason I will remove it permanently.

What The Buyer Receives

The picture to the left is one of my many creations and if you believe you can use that please feel free to copy it without any cost involved. Simply right click and choose, save image as, and It will be downloaded to your computer. It is given as a sample of what the buyer receives when they purchased the product above.

Now if images were all that my visitors should receive here that would be a travesty because it would be very impersonal. I want your visit and your transaction to be the best that it an be. Your transaction should be in your hands immediately after the sale. If for any reason you should need assistance please contact me as soon as you can using the contact form on the contact page. I will get back to you as soon as possible. It is my privilege to serve all who come here to the best of my ability and I fully intend to do just that. Welcome to the Art Shop. God bless you with his best!