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Christians In Politics

This video addresses Christians primarily, but is applicable to every person irrespective of their religion or ideology who loves America and wants to see our nation remain a FREE REPUBLIC. It's to counter the blatant lie of separation of church and state and expose enemies, both domestic and foreign working to bring America down into the insidious and tyrannical rule of globalism. This is a call for Christians who've been avoiding confrontation with evil and all who believe it's a conspiracy theory.

Roe v. Wade - Unvarnished Truth

This video, is from a Christian view and the world view of people who still think critically and objectively, and speak of abortion for what it really is - murder of the innocent. The video deals with the subject of truth and challenges people to examine the evidence found at Klan Parenthood where undeniable visuals scream out that abortion is the most heinous of crimes. People are told how God hates the shedding of innocent blood yet, in his great mercy, forgives those who will repent of it.

America, Melting Pot Or Cesspool

America has always been a melting pot "so called because we welcomed people from all over the world irrespective of their ethnicity, religion or any other belief even including socialists and other enemies of freedom.

This video stresses the most important unit of the life of any nation - the family. We have foolishly redefined it for an small group making up less than 2% of the population. It's time to uphold morality in this vitally important institution.

DJT Releases Second Term Agenda

President Donald J Trump released a second term agenda in 2020. Some have given up on the President having little patience. They post their complaints unaware of what is going on already because they want to SEE what is really happening.. This video is to urge everyone to stop all your demanding what can't be given. Those working to restore America and free people everywhere don't advertise their plans . Revealing what they are doing would could destroy the advantages they have achieved so far.

It's Time To Take America Back

The video begins with Proverbs, Chapter 3 and centers

in on "There is a time to speak and a time to be silent." I believe we have been silent far too long. This video was produced on January 4, 2019 and is still relevant because we, as a nation have been dealing with corruption on a higher level than ever in our history. In my 81 years on this planet I haven't seen the level of evil that's present in America today. We must speak up or we'll go down to defeat and lose all our freedoms.

Eye On The News - Special Edition

This video breaks down what it would take to destroy America. This is one of those "calling a spade a spade" videos, the way it used to be in America. It covers, families, military, God, drug and human trafficking, censorship and some enemies by name. This video also speaks on such things as depression, doubt and fear and dealing with it and moving on. It's far past time for all of us to wake up to the very real conspiracy that is happening in front of us now and put it to an end.

America The Beautiful?

This is a recap of some very important information I have regarding Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and a poem

I wrote during the time Barack was busy working on the destruction of America. I was very upset about what he was doing to our nation but didn't understand who he was until later and then wrote the poem in this video. As you'll find out early in this video, not only Barack Obama was deliberately working to bring America down, but he had a helper in Hillary Clinton as well.