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My Favorite Attribute Of God

This video is an important presentation concerning God because it challenges the viewer to consider something true about God that many may have never considered in their studies irrespective of how many days or years one might have ventured to know, love and serve him. Sometimes the things we deem to be deep truths can be explained in simple terms. It is my hope that you will find that to be true.

People's Concept Of God

There are many gods presented throughout the world and so many different concepts of who God is that I felt it was imperative that I do what I can to present the God that fills the universe as I see him from my own studies and my own personal experience. Of course my conception cannot be perfect because I am an imperfect and finite being as we all are. It is my earnest expectation that what is presented in this video and other videos I post will help others to be better able to understand the God of the Bible.

Why We Need Revival

This is a sermon somewhere between 1989 and 1995 preached in Teen Challenge Bible Institute. It speaks of our understanding of God, Jesus, man, prayer, sin, the devil, eternity and more needing adjusted from our shallow thinking to reality. The one correction is that tithing is not mandated in the New Testament as I present it here. We are to give cheerfully as God has prospered us. There is no limit on that kind of giving.

You're Kidding Right?

An older Facebook video that I believe will bless those who love the Lord Jesus. This is a commentary/teaching

on Isaiah 14:12-15 where Lucifer, filled with pride, gets the deranged idea he can take his creator down and exalt himself above Him. It's the most foolish idea in universal history. Despite Lucifer's multitude of attempts at giving the impression that he is mighty, the weakest child of God can take him down simply using the name of Jesus Christ or the blood shed for our sins.

Are We To Love The World

There is a big difference between enjoying the world we live in and loving it to the extent that we are willing to forget about God and pursue this life as if that is all there is. The Bible is very clear on this as the video will show and gives us a far better option than living for the world as opposed to living for God. Everyone who is serious about loving and serving God should pay close attention to this video.


This message started slow for me as I was trying to do something for the first time. Paul challenges the church in Corinth and speaks of his many trials and afflictions. He tells them that he loves them and takes responsibility for them while seeking no glory even though he, himself, is on an equal level with Peter and other apostles. A challenge is made at the end as always. I believe that a message that doesn't challenge people to act on what they hear is about useless to preach and useless to hear.

Hebrews 9:27 And Current Events

Hebrews 9:27 - A video that could just as easily be given the title "Nobody Knows." Starting with Hebrews 9:27 from the King James Bible this exposition brings up current events including the senseless murder of two five year old boys and an old man who were gunned down suddenly without warning. This video then goes on to speak of the absolute necessity of being prepared when that moment comes and what to do in preparation since nobody knows when or how they will die.