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Abortion And God's Forgiveness

What Are The Consequences of Abortion?

Abortion takes a life.

Abortion causes deep psychological trauma in women that lasts for years.

Abortion drives women to drug and alcohol abuse as they try to drown out the voice of their quilt-ridden conscience leading them into a drug lifestyle or alcoholism or both which ruin their bodies and often create more abortions.

Abortion drives many women to suicide who can't get rid of their guilt feelings.

Abortion leaves men, who want their children without children, and in remorse and grief for years. Some of them turn to drugs and alcohol or suicide.

Abortion leaves many men and women without grandchildren to share old age with affecting this generation and the generations to come.

Abortion robs all the children, who would have been born, of the chance to live and to have children of their own to love and cherish as well as grandchildren.

Abortion that has existed since 1973 has killed 65,000,000 babies in their mother's wombs, and the economic results are being felt today. We see this country bankrupt because the 60 million babies never had a chance to be part of the workforce in this nation and contribute to the many programs that are on the verge of collapse including Social Security and Medicare.

Abortion has hardened men and women and created a generation that thinks nothing of the killing of its own children and, in the vast majority of cases, believe they can live without any accountability; seeking their own pleasure over the lives of their children. Using excuses that would never hold water with anyone who honestly evaluates their position they shamelessly go on in lust and self seeking and shut their ears to the cries of the babies as these innocent victims endure horrible, unbelievable pain while being ripped apart and discarded as trash.

Abortion has made men and women forget that there is a day of reckoning that will come when everyone will stand to give an account of their lives before the searching gaze of a holy God and all excuses for this mass murder will fade into oblivion as people understand the horror of the unwavering judgments of God brought against all those who perpetrated or supported this horrible crime.

There is hope however! God sent his Only Son to forgive those who will repent of their sin and receive grace and mercy from him because of what Jesus Christ did on Calvary! He wants to forgive you today and his love will heal you!

Many women who have gone through abortions, and also men as well, have found peace with God and forgiveness even though they had difficulty believing God could and would forgive them. Some of them are the stalwart warriors in the cause to defeat this abomination and they work hard to protect babies today.

It is not too late for anyone reading this to fall to their knees with genuine sorrow for what they have done and ask God to forgive them and heal the hurts inside them and take control of their lives so they can live for him and serve him the remainder of their days and enter his kingdom when they die. You don't need a special prayer to talk with God. Just tell him in your own words that you are truly sorry and ask his forgiveness. He will grant it. Then ask him to give you courage to stand against this holocaust that is killing our children and our nation.


There are some things that God hates! They are listed in Proverbs 6:16-19 which reads: "These six things doth the Lord hate; yea seven are an ABOMINATION to him. A proud look; a lying tongue, AND HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD, an heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that seweth discord among brethren."


A baby in the womb has never done anything bad, never hurt anyone, never rebelled against God or his or her parents, and has never done any wrong to anyone. The baby is simply inside its mother growing and biding its time to come out.Is it any wonder that God says he hates the shedding of innocent blood. Does anyone think for even an instant that the God who knows all things didn't know we would be killing our own children? Can anyone objectively think that this doesn't run against his holy nature and violate his love for humanity? To believe otherwise is to live in denial or to totally disregard God to your own hurt. anyone objectively think that this doesn't run against his holy nature and violate his love for humanity? To believe otherwise is to live in denial or to totally disregard God to your own hurt.


Genesis Chapters 16 and 17 which show two children yet to be born but prophesied by God. These children would be named even before their birth as Ishmael and Isaac, and their purpose was made known to Abraham their father. Each child grew to fulfill their purpose, and even today their descendants are alive in Palestine and Israel warring against one another as it was from the time of their birth. Genesis 17:15-19 shows Isaac was the name given before he was in the womb. Genesis 21:1-3 is the fulfillment of that prophecy.

I Samuel Chapter One speaks of Hannah, who was childless and she cried out to the Lord for a child, and she then promised that the child would be presented to the priest as a servant of the Lord after he was weaned. God heard her prayer, and gave her the son she prayed for and she in return gave him back to the Lord after he was weaned to serve the Lord all the days of his life. That child was to become the prophet Samuel who was a man who walked so close to God that people feared when he came around and called out to him "is it peace Samuel" because they feared that he would be bringing a word from the Lord concerning their sin.

In Judges 13:2-24 the story is told of Samson whose birth also was prophesied and fulfilled. God let Samson's parents know before he was born that he was coming and had a specific purpose.

Jeremiah 1:5 is a verse where God is speaking to Jeremiah the prophet. He said; "BEFORE I FORMED THEE IN THE BELLY I KNEW THEE, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I SANCTIFIED THEE and I ORDAINED THEE A PROPHET UNTO THE NATIONS."

The significance of this cannot be disregarded without sacrificing truth! God formed this man with a specific purpose! The interesting thing about this is that God said BEFORE I FORMED THEE! Jeremiah didn't even exist as a fetus when God had his purpose already lined up for him. There is no way to mistake what is obvious here! Before the moment of conception came this child would be needed. I don't believe this is an exception because I know beyond all doubt that God will not create anything or anyone without a definite purpose which begins with living. We shall see this in other scripture as well.

Matthew 1:18-23 Speaks of the most important birth that ever did or ever will take place; the birth of Jesus Christ! God's angel was sent to a virgin with a message to stagger the imagination of everyone. She was going to have a baby that was to be called Emmanuel. EMMANUEL MEANS "GOD WITH US!" This baby was to be supernaturally born, and had a purpose already known to God even before he was a fetus, and that purpose was to live among men, be crucified and then rise from the dead so that all men could have their sins forgiven and live forever as God's redeemed people.

His birth was prophesied by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 7:14) 760 years before he ever existed. His life fulfilled over 300 prophecies from many different people who lived in different generations and had no connection with one another and his life is the most incredible to ever exist. We know him as Jesus!

God is very active in the affairs on mankind, and this was the door that God opened so that unworthy, sinful mankind could come into God's presence and be forgiven and restored from the curse of the fall in the garden of Eden. Will you believe it?

In Luke 11:1-13 the birth of John the Baptist was prophesied and it is fulfilled in this portion of scripture. His name was also given. Later in Luke 1:39-45 Mary visits Elizabeth and in verse 41 John leaps in the womb when he hears Mary's greeting to Elizabeth and in verse 44 it says "the babe leaped for joy" and his mother was filled with the Holy Spirit. So this baby leaped twice over the news of Jesus coming.

God's forgiveness is now offered to any who will come with humility and sorrow for their sin and trust Jesus Christ to cleanse them and deliver them forever! Will you come and receive this forgiveness?

1 John 1.9 - God promises that "IF" we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness." Won't you put your trust in him today, and be set free from all your sin, guilt and shame forever? God will hear you and he will always forgive those who come with a repentant heart. He will grant you the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ who died to free all of us from the wages of sin forever.

Copyright © C. R. Lord 5/3/2019


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