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The F Words

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THE F WORDS - A 35 page downloadable book

This downloadable book has been in creation for quite a while. I got the idea because I was very tired of hearing the "F" word online and offline and thought perhaps it would make a good lead into something that would be beneficial to others rather than the vile way it has been used for decades. I personally used that word and many other expletives over my first three decades of life before the Lord changed me radically.

This is a look at our nation from the founding fathers to the current time through the use of words that begin with F. It is told in relation to history through the eyes of the author. The third chapter speaks of what I believe to be the most essential and important aspect of any nation that has survived through all of time..

Included as part of this product will be my poem of distress as our enemies were seeking hard to destroy America from within through our own government and MAGA speaking of Donald J. Trump's timely arrival. I firmly believe God sets up and takes down rulers as needed, and he is using a businessman who's very controversial, but has the heart of a patriot in spite of what people believe to be his shortcomings. .

You will get a ZIP (3MB) file


Christians have been deceived through the use of propaganda to abstain from the political arena and just pray about it. This is a challenge to God's people to wisely examine the folly of this idea.

MAGA is an epic poem containing 20 verses written in 2019 when President Donald J Trump was turning America around from the disaster created by some of the previous administrations.

For those who value the flag of our great nation this collection will be a blessing. These photos can be resized and used on websites, podcasts and blogs to bless patriots worldwide.