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Jesus And Salvation Colorized

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Jesus And Salvation (Colorized) - A Digital Download

Jesus and Salvation is a gospel tract/booklet that can be used online in social media sites, news sites, or anywhere people gather. It should be used with wisdom and never forced on anyone you might be talking to or a friend you want to see come to Jesus.

This was one of the most exciting projects that I have done because I am believing God will use it to bring people into his kingdom. It is simple enough for the unbeliever to understand and equally as easy for the believer to use as they speak to someone. It could be sitting by your desk and used as you see fit or if you forgot a scripture that won't come to your for some reason or the other. If you print this out you can put it on a table in your house for guests to see and read.

This book is part of the book Three Books and a Gospel Tract. You an purchase the book that has four books combined or just the one or two you might think will serve your purposes. With all four books you could hold Bible Studies in your home on God, Jesus, Bible Characters and Salvation. Have fun with this. If you are shy about sharing your faith because you don't feel equipped this will help you overcome that fear simply by reading it to family, friends and acquaintances who will listen to you. There's even a decision page there to help you in leading someone to Jesus.

You will get a PDF (3MB) file


This is a colorized 35 page digital book covering seven aspects of Jesus Christ with pictures. It is in a downloadable format

An excellent digital theological presentation concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ in a downloadable format.

This is a colorized 25 page digital book covering six aspects of God with pictures. It is in a downloadable format.