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Response to Richard Dawkins The God Delusion

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Preface (page 1)

Mr. Dawkins said; “ be an atheist is a realistic aspiration, and a brave and splendid one. You can be an atheist who is happy, balanced, moral, and intellectually fulfilled.”

I respond; A realistic aspiration indeed, however I don't see it as anything requiring particular bravery nor do I regard it as splendid since God's assessment labels all who reject God as fools. Psalm 14:1 Further, happiness and intellectual fulfillment are not a by product of atheism. Happiness can surely be found in any pursuit including ignorance which is considered “bliss” in some circles.

Regardless of where we find happiness or intellectual fulfillment the moral portion of that pursuit has a prerequisite. There has to be a source from which we derive our moral code, and since atheists have no God they are incapable of distinguishing between good and evil unless they believe they are able to achieve it in themselves apart from God.

Men can trick themselves into about anything. The Bible states; “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9 The obvious implication is that mankind is not capable of discerning good from evil without a guide. According to the Bible that guide would be the Holy Spirit of God. John 16:13 Isaiah 64:6 lets us know that we have no righteousness in and of ourselves. It tells us that “All our righteousness is FILTHY RAGS in God's estimation.”

There are other scriptures that clearly show that mankind apart from God is destitute of morality and wicked to the core; not even able to understand their own hearts or establish their own righteousness. So atheism either has to bow to a God they have heretofore rejected and refused to believe in, relent and humble themselves before the God of the Bible and repent of their unbelief and other sins or go through life ignorant of God's gracious gift of mercy and salvation procured for them through Jesus Christ on Calvary. The ramifications of this unbelief and stubborn intellectual and spiritual suicide culminate in what the Bible calls eternal damnation. Atheists almost always refer to promises made by God dealing with damnation as threats made simply for not believing in him. This is simplistic nonsense hardly worthy of atheists or anyone rational, objective and reasonable.

The penalty incurred is not just for not believing in God. The penalty of damnation is for everyone who refuses to acknowledge their sins against a holy God. This condemnation is not a revenge but the natural end of a wicked and rebellious life. God certainly did his part to redeem fallen mankind from this damnation when he sacrificed his Son on Calvary to sacrifice himself as payment in full for the sins of all who would repent and put their faith in him. 2 Peter 3:9 states; “For God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” It is the hardness of men's hearts that becomes the ultimate precursor to their damnation. It is the insistence that they are right and God is wrong that sends them into eternity without hope. It is their rejection of the sacrifice of Christ, that sacrifice that even little children understand that leads to their ultimate sentence and eternal separation from God.

Mr. Dawkins and all who follow him and subscribe to his teaching and die in their sins sign and seal their own damnation choosing rather to throw away the gift of redemption. There won't be anyone before the throne of God mentioned in Revelation 20:11-15 who will not know that they have made their own bed in the lake of fire. They will have nobody to blame but themselves.

Mr. Dawkins goes on to say; “Religion is not the root of all evil, for no one thing is the root of all anything.” He goes on to say he was delighted with the idea of a world without religion and enjoyed the implication of the twin towers in association with that thought. Once more Mr. Dawkins proves himself to be shallow and blinded by his own preconceived ideas about religion and what it might be. As far as the root of all evil is concerned; the Bible says; “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Back to my point: There is much evil in religion because religion somehow tricks men into believing that they somehow have enough goodness in themselves to earn favor with God, It is the antithesis of Christianity. Once more I refer to the scriptures mentioned above. The idea the any man somehow is able to be godly without God's help runs totally contrary to theBible and has sent millions off into eternity with the false hope that they were going to heaven or whatever other destination they believe waits for them on the other side of physical death.

Religion is a parasite to the soul of all mankind, offering much and delivering vile delusion. Christianity, on the other hand, stands in stark comparison with its teaching that man apart from the grace and the inward working of God in the heart is evil through and through and unworthy of the redemption that God offers through Jesus Christ. This redemption is given to those who humble themselves in the presence of God, confessing their sin and sorrow for their sins and imploring God to deliver them from their spiritual ignorance and grant them the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. This runs against the pride of men, and those who reject God's terms must live with the fruit of that pride which is clearly evident in the lives of so many. The sorrows that encompass mankind begin and continue on until death unless God intervenes. God is always willing to intervene and deliver us if we bow in his presence and humble ourselves seeking his forgiveness and mercy. While salvation doesn't remove us totally from the lot of mankind's wickedness or free us from the trials of this world it does give us the strength and resolve to rise above it.

So what is it to be? Will we choose religion or a loving God offering mercy to unworthy mortals? Every person must make this decision before they die. Sadly many will make the wrong decision as Mr. Dawkins insists on doing and die without hope of salvation. This is a tragedy that could easily have been avoided except for the foolishness of men filled with themselves and intellectual pride. Multitudes of men and women and children have found hope in Christ. Jesus said; “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father except through me.” His claim is that he is exclusive and it is up to us to believe that or not. It is an individual thing between man and man's creator.

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Mr. Dawkins says; “ Far from pointing to a designer, the illusion of design in the living world is explained with far greater economy and with devastating elegance by Darwinian natural selection.”

I respond: Psalms 19:1-3 “The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork. Day unto day utters speech and night after night shows knowledge; and there is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.” David, the King of Israel said; “When I survey the heavens, the moon and stars that your hands have made; what is man that you are mindful of him or the son of man that you take note of him?”

Mr. Dawkins is oblivious to the intricacies of life from the vast scope of the universe to the DNA that has to do with so many areas of life's physical makeup. While he might experience an intellectual appreciation of life and even the inspiration of discovery, he lives in denial of where it all came from. Who has not stared up at the night sky and wondered at the billions of stars filling the sky on a clear night or the brilliant light of a full moon? Who has stood on the shore of the ocean and looked out over it's immensity and considered the depth of it and was not amazed at the power of its surging tides and rolling waves? Who has not stood in the delivery room watching a doctor deliver a newborn baby and has not wondered at the completeness of the precious creature moving from its mother's womb into the room and breathing its first breath of air outside the womb? Who has not looked under a microscope and saw the infinitesimal life scrambling underneath the laboratory lens and wondered at the size and scope of living matter? Can it be that all this somehow evolved over billions of years and is forever evolving. That is Mr. Dawkins' premise or his hypothesis as science

likes to call their guesses.

To think that these very intricate forms of life are all random selections formed over long periods of unimaginable time without any creator and that these explanations are beyond question and that there can be no other possibilities is almost as amazing as the life forms themselves.

However Mr. Dawkins reveals his bias when he states the following in his book entitled The Blind Watchmaker: “It is as though they (fossils) were just planted there, without any evolutionary history. Needless to say, this appearance of sudden planting has delighted creationists...Both schools of thought (Punctuationists and Gradualists) despise so-called scientific creationists equally, and both agree that the major gaps are real, that they are true imperfections in the fossil record. The only alternative explanation of the sudden appearance of so many complex animal types in the Cambrian era is divine creation and (we) both reject this alternative.” (Dawkins, Richard, The Blind Watchmaker, W.W. Norton & Company, New York,1996,p. 229-230)

There is no further need to read more of Mr. Dawkins writing since he has clearly and unequivocally proclaimed that he fully rejects truth that is obvious to him and his fellow scientists. When a man makes a statement that he believes that the “ONLY” explanation is the one he rejects vehemently there remains no doubt that things that defy his bias don't phase him one bit because he simply shuts them out thereby renouncing personal honor and dignity.

My observation is that beneath the facade he presents Mr. Dawkins understands that if what he hates reveals that a Creator exists he must then confess that he has an accountability to the God that he has consistently denied for years. That is where humility comes in, and at this point in his life he is not willing to be wrong even at the risk of eternal damnation. This

is bigotry blatantly on display!

The good news for Mr. Dawkins is the same as the good news for all mankind. The good news is the gospel, and that God will forgive everyone who will come to him in humility and repent of their sins and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Pray with me that Mr. Dawkins will respond to God's gracious offer and find the peace that he can't find in his own mind or in any other belief; “that peace that passes all understanding and comes to us through Christ Jesus.”

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