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Christian Leadership Principles

Christian Leadership Principles is a course considering the many facets of leadership, some of which you might think insignificent on first impression, but at the least, interesting. The course is designed for Christian leader at all levels.

Those who are in the "upper echelon" of leadership might benefit from the contents of this course, either as a refresher or because perhaps there was more to leadership than you may have previously considered. For the student who has not been involved in leadership or who always desires to learn more about what he already knows this course will be valuable because there is much included here that has either been ignored or forgotten by many who have aspired to lead over the years. It's always too early to quit learning.


A Great Teaching Tool

Very Inexpensive On Purpose


Course curriculum

This course has prerequisites; in other words, the first lesson must be finished before you can move to the next one.

  • First Section
    • The Definition Of Leadership
    • Profiles Of A Leader
    • Profiles Of A Leader Continued
  • Second Section
  • Extra Course Benefits
    • A C R Lord Creation
    • Panoramic Analysis Of Leadership