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The Life Story Of C R Lord

C R Lord Memberships

There are three memberships offered through this website. Each membership includes most of the content offered, however the Annual and Lifetime Memberships offer additional perks that are not available with the monthly membership.


I highly recommend that anyone who wishes to purchase a membership start with the monthly membership because it can be cancelled if you decide not to keep it or choose a different one.

There is no refund offered for the Monthly, Annual or the Lifetime Memberships, so choose wisely

Currently I have about 30 items in the member's area, but I have many more to add and will be continually creating more. When I am through even the monthly membership will be packed.


What To Expect From The Membership

Access to many pages of C R Lord's articles and teachings spanning a period of 49+ years

Additional benefit of instant file downloads or to you can read the membership content.

Video presentations of C R Lord's teaching for children and adults separately or together

Poetry on backgrounds created by C R Lord, offered as downloadable PDF or Zip File

Access to all new future teachings, articles and prints at no additional cost to members

Anything I can create and develop that will enhance your membership year after year

I love and appreciate all who come here and pray

God's richest blessings on your life in every part.