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The Poetry And Other Writings Of C R Lord

From the Heart of a Servant 2022 (digital) This is all new writing from C R Lord

From the Heart of a Servant 2007 (Physical Product with free shipping)

C R Lord Digital Books 

What's In Your Wallet? (A wonderful story for children and adults that teaches a valuable lesson)

The Gold And Brown Series (Genesis One, Wittenberg, Rome, and Original Thoughts Of C R Lord)

Three Books And A Gospel Tract (A big favorite with so many potential uses that it's a steal at any price!)

Christians In Politics (Challenging Christians to join the war against evil in the political arena)

Answering Unbelievers (Unbelievers from the past and present challenged for statements they made about God)

Christology (A study that covers a lot of ground preserved from my days in Bible College)

The Life Story Of C R Lord (From poverty, misery, hate, a suicide attempt, drugs, alcohol and much more - until God transformed his life)

A Study Of Genesis One (A verse by verse study of the first chapter of Genesis, the first book of the Bible)

Jesus In The Bible (The author's personal study of the life of Jesus Christ broken down into 7 segments)

The God Of The Bible (The author's personal study of the God of the Bible in 6 segments)

Character Studies With Pictures (A beautiful book done in pastel colors discussing 10 characters from both testaments)

Jesus And Salvation (Full color salvation message in a pdf download that could be printed and shared with those you minister to)

Daily Journals

(Front and back covers and one matching

page to print as many times as you like)

The Daily Journal

A Journal Of Commitment

A Journal Of My Life

A Love Journal

A Patriot Journal

Digital Booklets

Should We Be Boasting (A strong argument proving we should never boast in ourselves)

The Prayer Life Of A Christian (We spend the most time with those we truly love; HOW ABOUT GOD?)

Catholic Doctrine Exposed (Challenging what some believe to be the one true church)

Trinity Or Godhead (Is the word Trinity found in any Bible Verse? Are there verses that imply a Trinity--or a GODHEAD)

Aging (Are we supposed to remove ourselves from ministry and relax on our way to God's kingdom?)

God's View On Homosexuality And Lesbianism (What the scripture says on this volatile subject)

Wall Posters

Designs repeated four different times in different sizes that can be instantly used for videos, wall art websites, blogs and more.

A nice variety including Ghost Ship, Ahoy There, Crush A Marshmallow, Beach Panaroma, Lift Up Your Voice, God's Amazing Love, In My Father's House, In The Distance, Look Up, Mountain Climbing, Psalms 121:1, The Alpha And Omega, The Fairest One, These Three, A Woman's Smile, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, When I Survey The Heavens, Who's In Your Wallet, You Set My Heart To Music

Free Stuff For Children

Coloring books and two videos intended to teach lessons on pride and obedience

The Proud Cloud (This is a lesson on pride for children but we could learn from it as well)

Jesus Cartoons (Free on this site and on Pixabay - save time and download them here for your children.

Random Cartoons To Color

C R Lord Cartoons (I was fairly good at drawing earlier in life, but I am just doing cartoons now for neighborhood children}

The Smiley Gang Coloring Book (My cartoons challenging children to draw them and praents to invest time with their children.

Jonah, A Whale Of A Tale (This is a poem I wrote using the story of Jonah in the Bible. Kids love it!

Christian Leadership Course

Christian Leadership Principles (Currently the only course)

Matted Art Prints

The matted prints are the writing of C R Lord on beautiful high quality backgrounds in quality matting. I am not able to provide frames.

Long Before The Sun Rises (4 each) - This was written especially for that hunter to hang in the cabin, - den or living room.

Jesus Loves Me (2 each) - Beautiful print for a church nursery or a child's room!

Jesus Is (2 each) - This beautiful poem was put to music by an band leader from Sweden years ago. One of my very favorites!

Marvelous, Wonderful, Holy God (2 each)

It's A Privilege (1 each) - A poem expressing the wonderful privilege of being a parent.

Meeting With Jesus (1 each) - A little girl meets with the Lord and wants to make it a habit.

PDF Downloads 

Responses To Atheism - Some personal encounters with Atheists over the years

5 Bible Study PDFs - Valuable study tools or just for private enjoyment with your personal study or can be used in teaching

Trinity Or Godhead - Seen this explained in booklets above

Packaged Goods

These are some products combined for more value and savings. Notice the words in parentheses

The Gold And Brown Series (4 booklets in one)

Three Books And A Gospel Tract (4 booklets in one)

5 Bible Study PDFs (5 studies packaged together)

Water Picture Bundle (3 photo sets in one - 75 pictures)

Maga Special (20 verse Maga Poem and My President Meme)

Photo Sets 

30 Vintage Dog Pictures (I specifically went hunting for these for those who love dogs)

16 Whale Watcher Sunset Pictures (Some nice sunset on the sea pictures from my trip on the Whale Watcher boat)

46 Business Pictures (A nice collection with plenty of variables)

40 Earth And Space Photos (I always love looking out into space day or night - I thought you might enjoy that too)

17 Lake Photos (Nothing is more relaxing than sitting by a lake and catching fish or just reading a good book)

50 Round Things Photos (A lot of variety in this group of photos) - You never know when you need one

42 Ocean View Photos (I am passionate about the ocean! God's power is on display there like nowhere else on earth)

9 Blank Video Covers (These video covers are a special design giving the user a place to add their information)

Political Theme

America First Meme (It is what it is)

The Alpha And Omega Meme (From the Covid deception)

For Such A Time As This (digital book) - My first shot at a book on current events in the political world - I think it turned out good.

A Set Of 20 American Flag Photos (For those who honor "Old Glory")

My President Meme (Taking the name Donald Trump as an inspiration I came up with this)

Maga (20 verse poem) - This poem is an epic about our need and the arrival of Donald J Trump to meet that need. You'll love it!

Maga Special (See packaged goods above)

Donald Trump's Second Term Agenda (I wrote this down long ago and decided to turn it into a little book.

The F Words (Our nation's Founding, Families, Faith, and some other "F Words" with thoughts about each in digital book form.

Quote Variety

I've written a lot of quotes over my 80 years and wanted to share it with people in a format they can make use of. The fourth listed quotes have a title using a word I created through personal inspiratiion that I believe the Lord provided.

15 Quotes On Blue

15 Quotes On Red

15 Quotes On Green

C R Lord Wisdumb

Sports And Comics

These are some physical products that I have owed over the years. All of these are collectibles but that could change anytime.

3 Classic Illustrated Comic Books

2015 Pittsburgh Steelers Silver Dollar (Rare in original case) - $35.00

2015 Pittsburgh Steelers Silver Dollar (Rare in original Case) - $40.00

2005 Ben Rothlisberger Ultimate Collection #14 of 15 made (Excellent Condition) This card is a jersey auto card.

2005 Heath Miller Rookie Jersey auto card Graded 9 Mint by Beckett in hard case

What's In A Verse

This is a concept that I originated. It is to take a verse, instead of a chapter, and milk it dry and see what could be derived from it. I think the idea should catch on because we all need more help in our Bible study. I have a new concept "reverse the verse" on the site menu.

Genesis 1:1, Psalms 1:1, Mark 15:38, Psalms 37:4, Romans 1:1 and Romans 10:14 (a brief study of each verse with some thoughts from C R Lord)